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Truck Accidents

Large trucks, 18-Wheelers, and semis are a leading cause of many traffic related injuries and deaths in the United States. Because of their size and weight, these vehicles can place other drivers on the road at risk of suffering a serious injury or worse in the event of an accident. Truck crashes differ from passenger vehicle-only accidents not only because of the size of the vehicles involved, but because of the special state and federal regulations and insurance requirements that apply to large commercial vehicles.

At The Law Firm of Stuart H. Share, P.A., our compassionate attorneys have been advocating on behalf of injured truck accident victims over nearly 35 years. We understand that the stakes are incredibly high. That is why we are prepared to invest whatever time, legal manpower, and financial resources are needed to succeed. Our goal will be to negotiate a favourable settlement on your behalf, but we will not hesitate to take your case to a jury if that is what we have to do to win. That is our promise to you.